It's both an interesting time and a challenging time to be involved in digital media creation right now. Having shifted from Australia to the UK, that just became even more difficult.

I was reminded of this sense of competition last week when I spied a company (not to be named) advertising themselves through Linked In with what could only be described at a shoddy form of representation. To be fair, they were selling themselves primarily as an agency to assist in pushing videos to the wider world, but they were also trying to describe themselves as an outfit who knows how to reach a wider audience.

However, on watching, what you are confronted by is :

  • poor interview sound
  • disastrous framing
  • average editing
  • zero colour grading
  • no sound mixing

I am happy to be at the beginning of a new journey and go through the trials of finding clients, accepting work, travelling to unexpected places and trudging through the new minefield. It's part of the process of "breaking though".

What I am not happy about is the myriad of companies who place themselves at the forefront of media creation with large teams of inexperienced people, producing shoddy work with a primary ethic of making money. 

Good luck to them, they will fall apart within time and not too soon.

I only hope that all their clients call me instead :)