Happy to announce that Stage 1 of a long form doco based on Melbourne Indie theatre is now done. Huzzah!

Over the course of the year, BATCHEDIT will be following three pairs of female collaborators, documenting the journey of their performance from start to finish. I feel blessed by the participants that have agreed to take part, with the first pair being Susie Dee and Patricia Cornelius.

Last year, their show, SHIT, took away a handful of awards at the Green Room Awards for Ensemble, Set Design, Production and Writing. A very full theatre experience, giving us a unique view on troubled women, those outcast by society, whose actions lead them to question their own morality and worth. And in a sense, reveal our prejudices.

Supported by Fortyfive Downstairs, the show was put into re-mount mode, rehearsing for a limited time and then having a two week run. Which by the way, was sold out pretty much everynight.  Melbourne theatre goers were treated to a slick, verbose and confronting work for the second time, revealing that indie work in Melbourne continues to have a place.

UD Part 1 - SHIT!