BATCHEDIT has been running around like a semi-controlled headless chicken for a while now, creating content for a number of brilliant people and organisations.

Occasionally, there is some content made for and by BATCHEDIT. This year plans to take on another level with some larger projects that will push the boundary of what can be created by little outfits like these.

First up, a long form documentary based on some of the women that power the indie theatre scene here in Melbourne, Australia. Even that word, "indie" feels a little dirty, as the work they create is world class and should be playing main stages everywhere. What are their limitations? What are the boundaries they need to push? Why is the arts a dirty word in Australia? And what lies ahead when all the old subscribers die.

The doco will explore three groups of artists who have all agreed to allow cameras into their rehearsal rooms, and in some ways, their personal lives. It's in flux in its creation, bouncing off what they create in those rooms. The filming for each will culminate in a multiple night recording of their performances, which will be intertwined with the rehearsal and interview footage.

Secondly, a myriad of short films exploring drama, comedy and anything in between. Pulling from rich talent in front and behind the camera, each one will stand on its own as a product of our times, which if you haven't noticed can be as dire as they are joyous.

And finally, the feature film. More to share on this in time, but will keep it simple and say that 1.5 hours with one actor playing multiple roles spread over the 1800's to present day could be a winner, and a serious task to pull off. The screenplay came from, as you might expect, a theatrical presentation that BATCHEDIT filmed last year with a talented group of people already attached.

So, where to from here......everywhere!