BATCHEDIT has been fortunate to assist the Vic Schools Board in creating content for the kids in school to learn some home truths about history of this country.

In the late 1800's the people that lived on the Coranderrk Station in Victoria grew and locally exported some of the finest hops for beer production in the state. Unfortunately, due to ignorance and racial discrimination, their work, and more importantly, their autonomy, was brought into question.

For they were Indigenous Australians. Living in a time when their humanity was treated unfairly, and their culture was continually brought into question.

Through the work of La Mama, and the continual work of a dedicated few, the transcripts of actual court cases have been brought into dramatisation. First through theatre, and now, with film.

Students in the coming years will have access to those transcripts through recruits, filmed by BATCHEDIT.

Sid Brisbane,
Greg Fryer and Ari Long

Jim Daly

Peter Finlay and Liz Jones