2014 easily changed its face and shifted into 2015. One of the fastest year's on record, and one that led to a lovely stairway to new heights.

The big partnerships for this year are with Gemma Turvey and the New Palm Court Orchestra, the Malthouse Theatre and the City of Melbourne.

Teaming up again with the crew at Bakewood will lead to more online vids for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and the City of Melbourne. They are a busy bunch so who knows what else.

The internship ship is also sailing, as well as mentoring. All going well, will be teaming up with other like minded individuals whose passion and knowledge of digital media can be shared and encouraged. On both sides of the fence.

And maybe, just maybe its time to impress upon these folks that 4K is the way to go....if only Australia's internet speeds where up to the challenge.

4K all the way, click the cog for the 4K option (2160p) and be patient....