BATCHEDIT produced short films for a number of years for actors wishing to add material to their portfolios. This is a small selection of over 130 one minute short films.

Actor showreel shorts can be produced for £200 which includes scripting, location, filming and editing. Sourcing of a scene partner can be provided unless you have a bestie that can jump in and help out. Scripts are approximately 1 to 1.30 minutes long. Scene filming times vary but usually it is no longer than two hours. It's advised that you steer clear of previously produced works from film or TV to avoid casting agents being forced to compare you to other actors. Scenes are usually fairly simple in nature to compress the time as well as concentrating on character.

  • Red Scarlet MX
  • Variety of Canon Lenses - Further options through Rental Available
  • Audio Recording w/ Lavelier and/or Shotgun Microphones
  • Script Advisement, Location Sorcing etc.
  • Further equipment can be provided upon request

Page Image - Emily Goddard - Servant